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Opinion Provider


USA, Petersburg, West Virginia

Posted 2 years ago


$1 - $3 per task

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No Experience

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Job Description

Join a global workplace with a core offering of opinion data that is derived from a highly participative panel of millions of people worldwide who provide us with a live, continuous stream of data. We don't just collect data, we connect data. Be part of a community that maximises the value of data through the application of leading-edge analytics techonology.


How does YouGov work?

You'll be invited to answer questions on a wide range of topics, by email or in the YouGov app. You'll earn points every time you answer a survey. The longer the survey, the more points you'll earn.


YouGov surveys make the headlines every day

YouGov is trusted by brands and the media to accurately measure opinion. The results of surveys you take will feature in the news, and be used by organizations all over the world to make better decisions.


Get cash for taking surveys

There's no small print, you've earned those points by taking YouGov surveys! Choose your reward, we'll process it immediately. We add new rewards all the time, based on your feedback.

Roles and Responsibilities

Sharing opinion on politics, sport, entertainment and more

Taking surveys

Answering questions

Required Skills

Data Entry
Surveys Collection
Opinion Provision
Positive Attitude

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