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Would YOU like to attend top-level sport matches, watch them, collect data and earn by doing that? 



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Working at DoScouting is fun and rewarding, but also requires a lot responsibility and William knows it well. The American sports data journalist has been trough the training process to be able to cover American football, basketball and volleyball, and he has also plans for adding ice hockey, baseball and football to his skills soon.

William, USA

Even being one of the oldest data journalist in the company he’s showing huge motivation, professionalism and ambitions to move even further. We glad to have this person in our team from which we can learn a lot of positive things. 

Sebastiano, France

The PhD student started working for DoScouting when he was in Germany. There, John covered games all around Eastern Germany, Poland and Latvia. “I really enjoyed it because I got to go to a lot of places I had never been to before so I often arrived very early so I could do some tourism before and after the game.”

John, England

Andrew is working part time in
a hotel at his hometown and also as a data journalist at DoScouting. “I manage both jobs by working with each schedule. With all the games I cover, I make sure to get
those days off from work so I can focus on preparing for the game.”

Andrew, USA

Alex has studied Journalism and worked as sports journalist for many years in a sports tv show in Romania. “The idea of covering sports in almost every country was certainly what kept me interested and motivated in going forward with the data journalist work.

Alex, Denmark

Some of the Sports that we cover: