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USA, Perryville, Arkansas

Posted a year ago


$5 - $20 per task

Job Type



Entry Level

No Experience

Job Frequency

20-40 hours a week

Job Description

Data entry is a broad term used to describe data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders, clerks and more. As our world grows increasingly reliant on the abundance of data available at our fingertips, there needs to be a way to track,organize and make sense of this data for making changes based upon trends and interruptions noticed within it. In order to keep data refined and sorted into place, organizations are in desperate need of data entry experts.


What used to be a requirement of an employee team tasked with entering or updating data into a computer system, data entry is now a freelancing dream come true - providing businesses around the world with highly-skilled, organized individuals, who can remotely input data in a sensible way. These experts often enter the data into the computer from paper documents, digital documents or any other kinds of written pieces using a keyboard, optical scanner or data recorder.


Data entry experts come with proficient typing skills, computer skills and knowledge of relevant software packages, basic literacy and numeracy skills, organization abilities, administrative skills, communication skills and attentiveness to detail, ensuring that no inaccurate data input entries could possibly affect the entire system.


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Roles and Responsibilities

Data entry to Excel, Word

Web Scraping

Copying and pasting content

Web research

Required Skills

Data Entry
Foreign Languages
Communication Skills
Attention to Detail
Research Skills
Typing skills
Writing and Editing
Microsoft Word
Writing Skills

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