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What data entry jobs provide Survey Spotter?

If you are asking what data entry jobs Survey Spotter can offer? This website is going to recommend you the surveys suitable for you insteadSurvey Spotter is a survey comparison site from the United Kingdom.

What data entry jobs provide Survey Spotter?


Mar 30th 2021

6 mins

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What data entry jobs provide Survey Spotter?

Survey Spotter is a survey comparison site from the United Kingdom. They are an affiliate website that earns commissions by directing people to the survey offering websites that are legitimate. Survey Spotter is owned by All Groove Ltd and certain sources say that the website was created on May 22nd, 2015. So what data entry jobs are offered by Survey Spotter?

Well, the truth is that Survey Spotter does not directly provide you with survey and data entry jobs. All the website does is recommend the surveys that are suitable for you to partake in on other platforms. They do not directly offer surveys. Thus, you cannot directly earn any money or rewards from Survey Spotter.

Still, Survey Spotter has been able to spot and bring all the UK’s best surveys together on one site for the easy access of its users. The site allows you to sign up and instantly have access to a large selection of surveys for you to complete in exchange for rewards. The Survey Spotter team is also always on the lookout for new and exciting surveys for its members to take, constantly providing them with new opportunities to earn.

Data Protection with Survey Spotter

Survey Spotter always takes the personal data of its users seriously. Once you have signed up to Survey Spotter your data is safe, and will only be used to inform you of the latest surveys and opportunities for you to earn.

How Survey Spotter Works

1. You sign up for free using the Survey Spotter registration form. Once you register, Survey Spotter will match you to the best survey companies. The process is fast, easy and 100% free.

2. You select and complete online surveys. After registration, you will receive regular survey invitations and money-making opportunities. All you have to do is look out for emails coming from your selected companies for new survey opportunities and complete every one of them to maximize your earnings.

Make sure to check your spam or junk folders, as on the odd occasion the activation email might end up in there. Once you have activated you will be sent surveys from the selected companies for you to complete and start earning!

3. You get rewarded with gift cards and cash. Once you begin completing online surveys, you get paid by the panels in the reward of your choice—cash or vouchers for your favorite shop!

What are the Pros of Survey Spotter Data Entry Jobs?

  • You can find the available and active survey offering websites from Survey Spotter.
  • Survey Spotter has a track record of delivering its users to legitimate websites.
  • The registration process for the Survey Spotter is completely free.
  • It does not matter where you live. You can create an account and join.
  • You can delete and exit Survey Spotter whenever you want.
  • Survey Spotter sends you email notifications when suitable surveys for you to take are available.

The Cons of Survey Spotter?

  • The biggest question is why you would need something like this when you can directly register at legitimate survey sites.
  • You have to provide your personal information to get registered. This has raised many eyebrows. What is Survey Spotter doing with the personal data that they collect when they are not a direct survey platform? Suspicions have been raised as to whether they sell user information.
  • Misleading information. They do not pay you, but still, they have posted the logos of some reputed payment methods on their website which are actually used by surveys offering websites to pay their users. Example: Amazon gift cards, PayPal, etc.
  • You will get many promotional emails if you sign up for their newsletter. This has been a nuisance to many.
  • They do not have plenty of websites listed within.
  • Many have not been able to come across surveys that pay you well. The maximum most have earned by completing a survey is £1
  • You will have to spend time on qualification questions and might end up without qualifying despite all the efforts you invested.
  • You will have to request payment from each survey panel which could be annoying for some.
  • Complaints from people stating that they are displaying unrealistic income rewards with the intention of persuading people to register as members.
  • They are not transparent enough. They do not disclose what they are really going to offer prior to the registration.


This website has a negative impression on the minds of many and it is understandable. They use tricks to get people registered and that itself is unprofessional. They collect your personal information and it is suspicious. You do not necessarily need Survey Spotter if you want to earn online by completing surveys. However, the website is still good for those who do not want to spend time finding legitimate survey offering websites. Honestly, what Survey Spotter does could be done merely via a Google Search nowadays. Personally, I believe that through this directs you to legitimate sites, it could still cause extra delays in your online journey towards making money on the internet.

Some examples of legitimate survey sites where you can complete online surveys and earn real cash and rewards include MOBROG, Branded Surveys, and PrizeRebel. You can fully trust these sites as they are 100% authentic. If you are someone that majorly falls within the demographic that many companies seeking survey data are looking for, then you will be able to find many surveys on any of these sights from which you can make a decent amount of income!

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