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Top 5 remote jobs with Google

Remote jobs with Google ranges from part-time, freelance, temporarily available jobs from different sectors like e-commerce, engineering, and many other projects related to the IT field.

Top 5 remote jobs with Google


Oct 26th 2021

5 mins

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Top 5 remote jobs with Google

Google is gratified to provide a workplace in which people of all backgrounds can have an opportunity at a good job. Google is committed to providing a workplace in which people of all backgrounds such as race, color, sex, age, or gender identity can provide their services.

Remote jobs with Google ranges from part-time, freelance, temporarily available jobs from different sectors like e-commerce, engineering, and many other projects related to the IT field. These opportunities are available on the internet without leaving the comfort of your home.

1. Google Ads Work From Home (AdWords)

Why Adwords is listed among the top 5 remote jobs with Google? The money you can make online with Adwords in Google will be in an indirect way but it will be efficient. It tells about the latest and most popular words. It also makes it easier to create promotional strategies and helps us to understand the direction in which the industry is heading

And how can it help you to earn?

With the help of ads, you can bring your website in front of the eyes of thousands of people. If you are getting more visitors then you can do sponsored ads as well. Further branding of your website includes selling your own merchandise. In short, there are lots of varied opportunities, so keep exploring.

2. Google AdSense

It is a time taking process which can take some time to master, but eventually, when you get it down, it will be very profitable. In simple words, Google Adsense puts ads on your website. Even a few ads can be profitable. The ads are according to the theme of your website.

You need at least 10,000 views to apply for Adsense so it is not a walk in the park.

Like millions of people around the globe, you can also earn from 200$ to 20,000$ per month.

  • The steps to achieve this goal are simple:
  • Create a compelling blog. (It is not difficult and usually takes 20-45 minutes.)
  • Publish some content on any topic regularly.
  • Apply for Google AdSense here:
  • Now once you are an approved partner you can start earning.

3. Search Engine Evaluation

Another way to earn money on Google is to do a search engine evaluation. It is a simple task but you have to stay online for a reasonable amount of time and you must be familiar with internet usage as well.

4. Google Opinion Rewards: It pays to share your opinion

Although this is an irregular source of income in comparison with other resources to earn through Google, you can make money as a part-time job from Google Opinion Rewards. You only need to install the application from the Android play store or the iOS app store. The app is created by the Google Survey team and you can earn credits by simply answering the quick surveys usually sent around once a week. After completing the surveys, you will earn Google play credit.

5. Google Maps –Guide the world to the right path

Google Maps is a widely used feature all around the world. This tool has easy access which not only helps to get location directions but also it is beneficial from earning point of view. Here are some ways you may use it to make money:

Give location review: Posting your reviews about different locations is also a valuable job for Google and you will be paid for it. It is an easy task and needs low investment to start up.

Posting Photographs: When you want to earn and be creative at the same time, posting photos on Google is indeed a good option. For getting paid, you can simply click attractive photographs and post to Google after tagging the locations along with the photographs.

Editing and adding location information: Editing previously uploaded information about different locations on Google is another way to make money. Many locations on earth may virtually imitate Google and may lack sufficient information. If you upgrade this information, Google will pay you out for this assistance for editing and adding up the missing locations.

By using the given tips you can help Google improve their statistics and you even get paid for it. Earning by doing remote jobs with Google may seem difficult at first, but everything comes with time.

How to Become a Google Employee (Advanced)

According to estimates, Google receives over 2,000,000 applications a year and hires only 1 out of every 130-150 candidates. So, it is very difficult to get employment at Google. To effectively wean through the enormous number of applicants, there is a stringent hiring process in place. If you really want a job at Google, you have to prepare to spend a lot of time and energy on your resume and the application process.

On the Google careers website, they suggest that applicants spend time reflecting on career goals and researching the company before applying. In addition, they advise creating job-specific resumes and include specific pointers as to how to create your resume.

On the bright side, they do not require cover letters. So, unless you have a specific reason to include one, such as explaining a gap in work experience, do not include one. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can only apply for 3 positions in 30 days.

After you submit your stellar, laser-focused resume, they might ask you to participate in the interview process. Initially, you will be contacted for brief video chats or phone calls. Then, prepare to take skills tests and complete small projects to demonstrate your skills. If they are still interested in you, you will take part in 3 or 4 in-depth interviews (either video or in-person) over a day. Interview questions will be primarily open-ended, so preparing ahead of time is key to doing well.

Entry-Level Remote Jobs with Google

If you are committed to working for Google and are currently enrolled in a degree program, you have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of Google student internships. Positions differ based on the degree and include everything from computer science to MBAs. While there are undergraduate internships, many are only open to master’s degree or Ph.D. students.

Of course, being awarded an internship is just as hard, maybe harder, than getting a full-time job. The same principles apply to getting an internship regarding the preparation and application processes. In addition, make sure to plan ahead as internships at Google are advertised a year in advance.


If you are up for the challenge of pursuing Google remote jobs, you will need commitment, persistence, and a good strategy. While they are implementing remote and hybrid work policies, the clear focus is on maintaining close teams to promote synergies. However, if you get any remote jobs with Google, the policies are in place to allow remote work unless the role is determined to be ineligible.

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