How to play games to earn money with Bananatic?

Bananatic is an entertainment website where you could play games to earn money. By completing the quests and winning in these games you can earn bananas.

How to play games to earn money with Bananatic?


Jun 16th 2021

4 mins

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How to play games to earn money with Bananatic?

So can you really play games to earn money with Bananatic? It is an entertainment website where you could play games to earn money. This was launched in 2015. The website has a virtual currency of its own named “Bananas”. The players can exchange Bananas for rewards. By completing the quests and winning in these games you can earn bananas. You can select a game from the current offerings of Bananatic.

If you are not that good at gaming, you could earn some part-time money by sharing the referral link, survey taking, app downloading and etc. There is a 'Bananapedia' section at Bananatic.com, where you can write reviews for the games. You have 50 plus games at Bananatics to play and write reviews for. You will have to download some games while others could be played on the browser itself.

What are the pros of Bananatic?

  • Positive ratings are a huge plus for Bananatic. When compared to the reviews of other similar websites, Bananatics is having an edge over them. It is not that there aren’t any complaints. But as a whole, the users have loved the platform.
  • The support for the users is praiseworthy. Bananatic has an active forum. Having an active forum is a feature of a legitimate website.
  • They have their own app with good ratings on Google PlayStore. The rating for Bananatics app over there is 4.4 from 4000 plus reviews.
  • You can join Bananatics irrespective of your geographical location for free.
  • Bananatic is friendly for beginners. You do not want to have any prior experience in working online and technical knowledge is not required at all.
  • Multiple rewarding methods are another con of Bananatic. You could get paid as gift cards, games, prepaid cards, and also as cash via PayPal.
  • It is fun and no stress involved. You can play your favorite game and could earn some part-time money.
  • You could either use the PC or your mobile app to play the games on Bananatic.
  • The registration process is very easy. There are multiple methods including Google registration and social media registration.

What are the cons?

  • Low payouts are a negative of the platforms. Users claim that earning 10 USD a month is extremely difficult.
  • It is not worth the time you are investing in this.
  • Disapproval of Screenshots. The users have to submit the screenshots to receive the rewards from Bananatic. But for the displeasure of some users, their screenshots have not been approved by the website.
  • Another complaint against Bananatics is that they do not have enough Game quests. Some have even claimed that the quest tracking is not working as well.


Bananatic is a fun site to sign up with if you are a lover of gaming. Doesn’t it sound nice to play games to earn money doing what you love to do? The platform is 100% legitimate with more than 1 earning opportunity. But here is the twist, if you are looking for a money-making method online, Bananatics might not be the perfect place to be in. You just can’t expect an income that is sustainable through gaming with Bananatic.

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