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The Ultimate Guide to Top Online Surveys in 2023

Explore the top online survey platforms in 2023 to earn money from home. Participate in online surveys with Harris Poll Online, InboxDollars, LifePoints, MyPoints, One Opinion, MobRog, Opinion Post, Survey Junkie, and Swagbucks. Discover opportunities to get paid for sharing your opinions and experiences.

The Ultimate Guide to Top Online Surveys in 2023


Sep 13th 2023

5 mins

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The Ultimate Guide to Top Online Surveys in 2023

Are you looking to make some extra cash from the comfort of your own home? Taking online surveys can be a fun and convenient way to earn money. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore some of the top online survey platforms to help you get paid in 2023. Whether you're a student, a stay-at-home parent, or just someone looking to supplement your income, these platforms offer various opportunities to earn rewards.

1. Harris Poll Online: Harris Poll Online is a reputable survey company that rewards users for sharing their opinions. By signing up and joining their email list, you'll receive survey invites based on your demographics. Earn points for each completed survey, which can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers like iTunes, Starbucks, and Amazon. The average earning per survey is around $1.

2. InboxDollars: InboxDollars provides multiple ways to earn, including taking surveys and watching videos. Accumulate points and redeem them for cash once you reach the $30 threshold. With a $5 welcome bonus and weekly payment processing, it's a user-friendly platform to kickstart your survey-taking journey. On average, users report earning $50-$100 per month.

3. LifePoints: offers surveys that typically pay between $0.25 and $5 each. You can cash out through PayPal once you've earned $20. The surveys are designed to be completed in about 15 minutes, providing a straightforward way to earn some extra income. Users can earn an average of $20-$50 per month.

4. MyPoints: MyPoints is a popular website that rewards users for various activities, including answering surveys, watching videos, and taking polls. With a low redemption threshold of $20, it's an accessible platform for those looking to earn gift cards while engaging in everyday online activities. Users report earning $50-$75 per month.

5. One Opinion: One Opinion offers a straightforward process where you can start taking surveys after registration. Earn points for each survey, with cash-out options available through Amazon or PayPal once you reach 25,000 points. Users can earn approximately $50-$100 per month.

6. MobRog: MobRog provides surveys that pay around 10 cents per survey. Accumulate points and redeem them for and iTunes gift cards. While the payouts may seem modest, the surveys are quick and can be an easy way to earn gift cards. Users typically earn $20-$30 per month.

7. Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie emphasizes honesty in its FAQs, acknowledging that you won't get rich taking surveys. However, if you're 16 or older and reside in the United States, Canada, or Australia, you can earn points for each survey and start cashing out once you reach 500 points. Users can earn an average of $10-$20 per month.

8. Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a well-known platform offering points for activities such as watching videos, taking surveys, and shopping online. While the individual tasks may not yield significant rewards, the cumulative points can be redeemed for various gift cards. Users report earning $25-$50 per month.

Final Thoughts

Making money online has never been easier, and participating in surveys allows you to contribute your opinions while earning rewards. These survey platforms work with businesses seeking insights into new ideas before they hit the market. By signing up for these sites and implementing a few tips, you can turn your spare time into a source of income. Visit the provided links to explore each platform and start earning today. Keep an eye on our website for more blogs with tips on maximizing your online survey earnings!

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