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How to be a video game tester at

How to be a video game tester? Start with! The platform allows gamers to play and test upcoming games and for that, you will be rewarded.

How to be a video game tester at


Jul 27th 2021

6 mins

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How to be a video game tester at

What is It is a market research company based in Cape Town. They claim themselves as the crash test dummies of the gaming world. The website according to the information available online is owned by Game Tester Pty Ltd. The platform allows gamers to play and test upcoming games. Then for your input, they are going to reward you. They are using GT coin cryptocurrency as a reward for testing the games. They are supporting the game developers in making the launch and updates of their products better. So how to be a game tester and what are the pros and cons?

What is a game tester?

A game tester, also known as a quality assurance tester, plays video games in development to look for problems, sometimes known as bugs or glitches. Game testers are typically employed by video game studios and work closely with programmers and other technical members of the production team. They are expected to test exhaustively, typically running game levels several times to ensure that they have covered all potential scenarios.

In addition to playing games, game testers keep track of any gameplay faults they come across, as well as for instructions on how to reproduce them. They inform the development team of the issues so that they can be addressed.

Tired of reading? Then watch a video blog about how to be a video game tester at here.

Game testers' average income

As of November 2019, the average hourly wage for a game tester in the United States was $14.13, with a range of $7.25 to $44.10. As a game tester, your payment will be determined by your experience and the company you work for. Because regional regulations may set a minimum wage, where you live can also affect how much you are paid. Some game testing work may take place in an office setting, with the employer providing all of the necessary materials. Other game testing jobs need you to work from home and furnish your own game consoles, television, and other equipment. When negotiating your compensation, keep this in mind.

The steps how to be a game tester

If you want to work as a game tester, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. A high school diploma, GED, or equivalent is required.
  2. Take part in video games.
  3. Obtain a bachelor's degree in game design or a comparable field.
  4. Work in the quality assurance department.

What are the pros of

  • They have a good customer support system. On their social media pages, they have been very responsive. They haven’t differentiated the positive ones or the negative ones, they have replied to the most important feedback from their users.
  • allows you to get registered for free. They do not ask for money or credit card information.
  • The company has a professional-looking website that could elevate the trust of people.
  • They have their own shop to make purchases from spending your coins.
  • There have been software updates recently (w.r.t to time of writing).
  • There is a valid SSL certificate authenticating the identity of Game testers.
  • Their Facebook page is getting frequently updated and they have close to 50,000 by the time of writing this.
  • They have posted pictures of the winners with their gifts which kind of proof that the site is legitimate.
  • The website is active and they have a significant number of daily visitors.

What are the cons of

  • They do not have enough information about their services available on online platforms other than their social media.
  • They ask for your personal information like ID with your full name, date of birth, and your picture even before providing any clarification on how the website is going to be beneficial for you.
  • By the time I am writing this, they have only 70 reviews on their Facebook. The positive reviews are not making any sense and they provide no information about the services provided by
  • They have been complained about by many people for missing their deadlines continuously.
  • One of the biggest allegations against is that people have claimed that they have lost money through the platform. ‘
  • Some testers have not been paid as promised and they have gone on to say that their promises have been broken.
  • Seem to be a small company with not many years of experience in the industry.
  • Rewards are in the form of Gold, EXP, and GTCOIN. The risk involved is always high when you are dealing with cryptocurrency.
  • As per the information available online, it seems that you cannot convert the cryptocurrency you earn into money.


Concluding how to be a game tester. Well, it is a tough one. The current status of the company has mixed reactions. There are users who have had a pleasant experience while some have been disappointed. At the same time, the company seems to be new to the market with cryptocurrency involved. If you love testing games and providing your feedback is worth a shot. But if you are solely intending to earn money doing this as an online job, is definitely not for you.

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