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Top 5 freelance jobs for data entry

If you are searching for a top freelance job for data entry online, at that point there are many great opportunities you can find.

Top 5 freelance jobs for data entry


Dec 8th 2021

6 mins

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Top 5 freelance jobs for data entry

If you are searching for a top freelance job for data entry online, at that point there are many great opportunities. There are many online companies and websites that can give independent employment. Data entry jobs involve collecting different information and putting it into a simple format based on your employer’s requirements.

If you’re looking for a means to make money online, Data entry jobs are available on various freelancing sites as organizations seek to update the information on their databases. The database could be of any possible type. Many times, these jobs will be considered entry-level. If you have more time or more experience and dedicate to working from home, you might find data entry somehow boring and low-pay.

What is Data Entry?

A lot of companies have information coming from different kinds of sources, and they require data entry clerks to put the data into an arrangement that’s easy for them to analyze and use.

Companies That Offer Freelance Jobs for Data Entry

Below you will find online data entry jobs with these companies:

1. Truelancer - freelance jobs for data entry

All around the world can find Jobs here. Truelancer is the perfect site for top freelance jobs for Data Entry and employers as well. It is a Worldwide Freelance Marketplace, a Network of 600,000+ Freelance Experts. provides

  • best freelancing jobs
  • work from home jobs
  • online jobs

All types of freelance data entry jobs by the proper trustworthy employer.

All beginners & experienced data entry. is 100% safe to find jobs or hire freelancers as it provides safety and proper method for money security as well.

Apply here for top freelance jobs for data entry.

2. Frontline Source Group

Frontline is one of the fastest-growing employment firms in the nation. The data entry remote jobs are much less difficult than anything else and they let you work from the ease of your home. Data entry remote jobs have many positions like:

  • programmers, typists
  • word processors
  • transcribers
  • coders

Though all these jobs can be achieved from a remote location, data entry work from home jobs can be very different from the data entry jobs that happen in any workspace.

Recent freelance data entry jobs:

  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Data Entry Representative

Apply here for top freelance jobs for data entry.

3. Click Worker

Jobs can be done from any place at any time with this site Click Worker is a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects registered workers with jobs in:

  • data entry
  • writing
  • research
  • translating

These jobs are usually micro jobs, and pay is usually under a dollar per task finished. To register with Clickworker, you must finish a skills assessment.

4. Randstad

Randstad is a worldwide staffing agency and HR services provider, serving clients in different industries, like accounting and finance, healthcare, engineering, human resources, IT, legal, manufacturing, life sciences, and logistics, as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies.

New freelance data entry jobs at Randstad:

  • Data Operations Specialist
  • Bilingual Data Entry Steward

Apply here for top freelance jobs.

5. Ajilon

Ajilon is a top permanent and temporary employment firm and top-talent agency. It concentrates on placing:

  • marketing
  • administration
  • management
  • customer service
  • human resources
  • non-clinical healthcare
  • supply chain
  • logistics

Operations professionals in most established companies.

Recent freelance data entry jobs:

  • Data Entry Analyst
  • Data Entry Specialist Data Entry Clerk

Apply here.

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