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Top 7 roles of the big data jobs

Big Data is generating a lot of buzz in the IT job market throughout the world. In this article, we are going to list down seven big data jobs and the responsibilities entrusted with them.

Top 7 roles of the big data jobs


Nov 13th 2021

4 mins

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Top 7 roles of the big data jobs

Most industries have begun to collect, organize, store, and interpret massive amounts of data related to their operations. According to a recent NewVantage Partners survey, 91.6 percent of executives polled said they were increasing their investments in Big Data. 91.7 percent of these respondents believed their investments were required to transform their operations into more agile and competitive businesses. Big Data is generating a lot of buzz in the IT job market throughout the world. In this article, we are going to list down seven big data jobs and the responsibilities entrusted to them. Let’s give in to the details.

Chief Big Data Officer

  • In charge of the company data management budget as well as system initiatives related to data.
  • Monitoring of data quality activities across the organization and serving as the primary authority for resolving data management concerns.
  • Enforcing EIM principles as determined by the organization.
  • Establishing the data policies and standards.

Big Data Engineer

  • Collecting and processing of raw data, at a large scale.
  • Analysis of data and processing the unstructured data.
  • Ad hoc analysis and its usage to support business choices as needed.
  • Collaborating directly with the technical team.

Big Data Architect

  • Using best practices and technologies like such as SQL, SSIS, SSRS, etc. to design databases, data models, data warehouse applications, and many more.
  • Deliver high-quality outputs, such as data warehouse architectures, and data system upgrades that adhere to current standards and norms.
  • Analysis of the business needs and collaboration with project personnel to make choices and suggestions on future developments.

Database Manager

  • Improving the present database architecture's scalability and performance.
  • Creating database architecture and functionality based on organizational requirements.
  • Data protection via the development of data security and restoration policies, processes, and controls.
  • Preparing and the delivery of system performance report to the top management.
  • Process Documentation and adhere to database management best practices.

Database Admin

  • Installation and upkeep of software
  • Managing the data security and privacy
  • Improvement of the performance of query processing
  • Backups of Data
  • Management of the integrity of data

Big Data Mining Administrator

  • Using advanced statistical modeling to identify possibilities for increased productivity
  • Examining user behavior to identify typical patterns or trends that may be utilized to improve the performance of a product
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and communicate action plans to a supervisor or client.
  • Through internal conversation, get knowledge of company needs and, when applicable, conduct relevant analyses.
  • Understanding the company processes, goals, and strategy to assist management with analysis and interpretation.

Business Data Analyst

  • Understanding the business strategy by collaborating closely with key business stakeholders, analysts, and senior management.
  • Aligning the stakeholders and analysts on a focused perspective of how research and analytics may be used to support business goals and strategy.
  • Partners with corporate stakeholders to frame and prioritize business issues, taking into account both near and long-term potential effects.
  • Lead and engage in business discussions, offering an educated viewpoint and pushing for change where necessary.
  • From start to finish, manages complicated analytics initiatives that necessitate multi-team collaboration among analysts or stakeholders.
  • Manage numerous ongoing projects effectively, ensuring that objectives and timeframes are fulfilled. Determine short-term and long-term trade-offs, and balance the demands of stakeholders.


Big data jobs are going to be available in plenty after a few years from now. Most of the industries are rapidly growing and are relying more on data than ever before making space for more and more data jobs. It won’t be a bad idea to make yourself equipped with the necessary knowledge and qualifications and be eligible for the data jobs as the trends suggest that they are going to take over the job marketplace soon.

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