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Job Features

Job Category

Data & Opinion Providers




Internet, PC or Phone

Potential Earnings

$1-$3 per Survey (or more)


Branded Surveys offer comprehensive audience and insight solutions to enterprises across the globe. Branded Surveys pair companies that need market insight with people who want to earn extra money. Branded Surveys consider this a win-win: Companies get helpful insights, and members get an incredible survey-taking experience. So what does it mean to work as an opinion provider?

How Branded Surveys Works?

Taking online surveys with Branded Surveys is a fun and easy way to earn cash or gift cards from the comfort of their home. Who doesn’t want to get paid for giving their opinion? Become an opinion provider now!

Before you start taking online surveys, take a moment to learn how Branded Surveys works.

Why Take Online Surveys?

Big companies need help sourcing people for market research. They gather that research through surveys that we match our members up with. After our members take a survey, the company collects the response for further analysis.

Creating Opinion Provider Profile

The first step to taking online surveys for cash with Branded Surveys is to create a profile. During the signup process, we will ask you a few questions about your life. The more details you provide on your profile, the more surveys we can potentially match you with. There are several different profile surveys you can fill out that cover a wide variety of subjects, including employment, travel, leisure and much more.

Take Online Surveys with Branded

Surveys, the backbone of the Branded Surveys system, is one of the fastest and easiest ways for you to get rewarded for your opinion! Once you finish filling out your profile, you will see a variety of survey matches on your dashboard. Each survey will show you how long it takes to complete and how many points it’s worth. Click to begin the survey. Take your time and answer each question honestly. Once you complete a survey, the client will evaluate your answers. Generally, answers are approved as long as you didn’t rush through the survey and answered each question honestly. The points will then appear in your account.

For more information don’t hesitate and contact us. It can be done either by filling a contact form, sending an email to, or using a chat.

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