How much I can expect to earn?
For one match you will earn 35-80€ (+2€ for internet expenses) + expenses.

North America: American football 120€ all other sports 80€

South America: 35-50€

Europe: 35-50€, Norway and Switzerland 75€

Pacific: 50€

Asia: 35-50€

Africa: 35€

Will I get a contract?
No, this is a freelancer job.
Can I get a VISA?
Will you cover the accommodation costs?

For the regular matches company will not cover accommodation costs.

What sports do you cover?
Soccer, basketball, American football, ice hockey, baseball, handball, volleyball or rugby.

There is also a possibility to cover tournaments for sports like tennis, badminton, beach volleyball and etc.


Can I choose sport on my own or you will pick one for me?
We’ll help you pick the right sport depending on your location.
Is it hard to pass a training?
It depends on each person, how much time he’s willing to spend on it and how determined he’s to get it right.
Will I get any help during the training process?
Yes, you will get a supervisor who will help you throughout the training process.
Do you assign matches or how does it work?
Each data journalist will have to apply for the matches that he can cover and according to the company’s needs, some of the matches will be confirmed.
Do I need a car for this job?
If you have a car it’s definitely an advantage, but if you don’t you can simply use public transportation.
Will you pay for the training period?
No, you will be paid only for matches you cover.
How fast can I expect to pass the training?
Usually, it takes up to 2 or 3 weeks (~20 hours).
How many matches a month I can expect to participate in?

It depends on your location and how many different training programs (e.g. football, basketball, ice-hockey) you have passed. It can be from 10 to 20 (or even more) matches per month.

Do I have to pay for transportation and stadium tickets?
You would have to pay, but you would get these expenses reimbursed once you send an invoice. Our partners will provide accreditations, therefore, entrance to the stadiums would be free.
Can I work in different countries or only the one I live in?
You can work practically all around the world. There are some restricted areas, but this information will be given during the training process.
How exactly will I get paid?
You will get a transfer to your bank account, Skrill or PayPal.
How I will collect statistical data?
You will collect it by using a mobile application (phone or tablet) or laptop.
How far I will have to travel?
You can cover matches around your living area or you can drive up to 100 km (or more).
Is it a full-time job?
It’s not, but if you will cover 20-30 matches it can be like a full-time job.

This job is more like a part-time because by covering matches you can get a passive income.


What leagues you cover?
The company covers various leagues from professional to semi-professional.

For example in the USA:

  • Basketball: NBA, WNBA, D-League, NCAA
  • Ice Hockey: NHL, AHL, NCAA
  • American football: college
  • Volleyball: college
  • Soccer: MLS, NCAA
  • Baseball: MLB

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