What are the top 6 jobs in data entry?

There are many more opportunities available out there in the job market for you to choose from. However, jobs in data entry are in big demand.

What are the top 6 jobs in data entry?


Sep 16th 2021

6 mins

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What are the top 6 jobs in data entry?

If you are keen on working with data there are many opportunities available out there. Irrespective of the industry they are in, most of the companies are offering you jobs in data entry. They require to utilize the data and improve their processes and productivity as well. Here we have listed down six jobs in data entry for you to choose from if you are in search of one.

One of the most popular jobs in data entry - Marketing Analyst

According to professional coach Angelina Darrisaw, many individuals believe that marketing is solely creative. However, data is becoming an increasingly important component of how businesses design and assess their marketing campaigns. “While there may be some creative aspects, a lot of marketing decision-making is driven by industry research and how well you understand the audience. Here, data could be used for the evaluation process of how successful paid marketing has been.”

The realm of digital advertising has become a haven for data enthusiasts. Andrea Berkman Donlon, founder of The Constant Professional emphasizes that digital advertising is completely trackable, and performance measurements rely largely on real-time data. People who are experienced dealing with data and can get insight from the reporting tools accessible to businesses. Thereby, they can create effective marketing campaigns for the companies.


According to Jennifer Lewis Priestley, a director at Kennesaw State University Actuaries could be referred to as “deep-sea divers of data,”. Actuaries like gathering, evaluating, and are experts in making predictions utilizing the data. This position has a huge demand in organizations that are associated with risk-handling and management such as insurance firms. Without data, these positions won’t exist.

Rising start among jobs in data entry - Sports Data Journalist

Yes, data is not the most important aspect when it comes to journalism. There are further important things. But, if you are a journalist, it is vital to have an understanding of the behavior of data. Let me cite an example. A sports reporter covering the NBA Finals would benefit from understanding the difference between the average number of free throws completed and the number attempted.

Data Scientist

According to Metrocosm's Max Galka, data science may include statistics, programming, artificial intelligence, or other commercial processes. Data Scientists could be everywhere in every industry. From their findings, the executives can determine business strategies.

Human Resources Analyst

When it comes to jobs in data entry, one cannot ignore the position of a human resource analyst. One of the first and foremost qualifications required here is that you have to love data. Workforce analytics has become a crucial aspect in managing the human resources of a company. With the use of data, HR analysts can reduce labor costs and improve ROIs as well.

Business Strategist

Both companies and individual departments offer the job of a business strategist. Being proficient in handling Microsoft Excel is a mandatory qualification for this job. If you are a good business strategist, you may also be able to apply for the role of consultant in companies.


When it comes to jobs in data entry, the above are just a few. There are many more opportunities available out there in the job market for you to choose from. At the same time, some offer attractive packages that one can’t ignore. Hence the data-related jobs are not as bad as a career.

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