Is ZenSurveys one of the best sites for paid surveys?

Answering the question if the ZenSurveys is among the best sites for paid surveys. They provide you access to quality and legitimate surveys.

Is ZenSurveys one of the best sites for paid surveys?


Aug 4th 2021

3 mins

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Is ZenSurveys one of the best sites for paid surveys?

ZenSurveys allows companies to identify their employee engagement via the feedback they provide for the surveys the platform assign. They act as a panelist for thousands of survey sites. But here they do not deal with the end-users directly. At the survey site, you have to ask them to add ZenSurvey’s offer "ZenSurveys Router”. Else you can work with reward sites that are already implementing their offer. You can either use the paid version or the free version of ZenSurveys. The premium plan costs you $4.50 per month. Insights Domain, AdscendMedia.com, MyLead, and SuperPay. They are some of the renowned reward websites that ZenSurvey has partnered with. Let's dive in and check if Zensurveys is one of the best sites for paid surveys.

Earnings Opportunities at ZenSurveys

On ZenSurveys, paid surveys are the only way to get money. There are no microtasks, referral bonuses, sign-up bonuses, sweepstakes, or competitions on the site.

This means that the only option to increase your earnings on the platform is to participate in surveys on a regular basis. Filling up your profile questionnaires with accurate information is the key to getting regular, relevant surveys on the site.

Similarly, keep an eye out for high-paying surveys for $20-$50 in the app. These surveys cover a wide range of topics, so if you qualify, you might make a lot of money on the site.

Aside from that, each ZenSurveys survey pays a fixed amount of $3. You'll never run out of money-making surveys to complete out because the site gets its surveys from partner sites.

You can visit several survey sites if you're looking for ways to earn money and take advantage of any online chances. If you don't know which sites to visit, you can take surveys and earn money with the highest paid survey sites.

What are the pros of doing jobs at ZenSurvey?

  • The payout rate, when considered to other sites, is simply great. It is about 3USD per survey.
  • You can earn up to 15USD if you work at your full potential.
  • There are certain surveys which could pay you well up to 20 USD.
  • Unlike most of the survey sites, you could register irrespective of where you live in.
  • The registration for ZenSurveys is free.
  • You have multiple payout options with ZenSurveys. You can redeem the rewards through gift cards from websites like Amazon. Otherwise, you can withdraw this as cash through PayPal, Bitcoin, or other platforms like Skrill.
  • They guarantee that they are not sharing the personal data they collect with any of the 3rd parties.
  • Those who sign up for their newsletter are having positive feedback. They claim that ZenSurveys is not cluttering your email with multiple spam.
  • Paid Surveys are available from top brands in every industry.

What are the cons?

  • Users have accused that most of the surveys in ZenSurveys are not working properly.
  • No signup bonus.
  • They are relatively new and don’t hold the same reputation that other websites do.
  • They do not have thousands of reviews or feedback for themselves, unlike the other websites.
  • ZenSurveys are not rated by BBB. Many people use BBB to determine the legitimacy of a company.
  • The company has been accused by some people of scams for not paying.
  • They are not dealing with the survey panels directly and this has been an issue for many.
  • ZenSurveys was lauded for its customer support.


Answering the question if the ZenSurveys is among the best sites for paid surveys. Well, the company is not yet among the best survey panelist in the world. But if it continues to serve this way earning the trust of many, they could well join that league in the near future. They provide you access to quality and legitimate surveys which allow you to earn a good passive income. Although there are some negative reviews available online, I feel that ZenSurveys is worth giving a shot at. The biggest concern is, ZenSurveys being relatively new to the industry and the lack of sufficient information about them online.

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