top 3 reasons for being a freelancer
By / 2020-03-03

Top 3 Reasons For Being a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the activities that has grown the most in the latest years. The improvement of the internet...

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By / 2019-09-03

The Day Of Data Journalist: William Turkington

Curious to know how a sports data journalist works? William Turkington takes you to a basketball coverage. Working at DoScouting is...

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By / 2019-02-05

Are You a Student Looking For a Flexible Job?

Student life is not always easy. You wake up early and sleep late trying to catch up with lessons and...

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By / 2019-01-28

A Day In The Life Of a Sports Data Journalist

  Have you thought about becoming a sports data journalist? You are curious about the job, but not exactly sure...

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