The U.S.-based free get-paid-to reward website was launched in 2007 and is operated by iAngelic, Inc. The registration process is simple and you can log in via your Facebook account as well. In PrizeRebel, the quickest way to earn money is by completing the paid survey jobs.

Besides paid survey jobs there are some other money-making opportunities from this website:

  • You will get offers to join mailing lists, sign up to a platform and etc. by doing which you will get points. 
  • There are videos on the site and by watching them you would be able to earn. You can earn unlimited money this way.
  • If you are feeling lucky and a gambler at times, there are sweepstakes for which you could participate by spending your points.
  • When you purchase from PrizeRebel’s retail partners, you would be awarded points.

What Are The Pros of PrizeRebel?

  • One could learn about PrizeRebel and their services at their YouTube channel or they could reach the support team out. The newly registered users have appreciated the assistance provided by these 2 sources during the learning process of PrizeRebel and its operations.
  • The instant reward redemption is a positive of PrizeRebel. You can get money credited to your Paypal account and all it takes is a click. 
  • There are many who have found their major extra income source in PrizeRebel. As per their words, you will see plenty of paid survey jobs available, if you check the notifications frequently. Moreover, they cited out that they get surveys on a consistent basis. 
  • Availability of raffles, rewards, and promos to earn money from instead of only surveys to take has been a major plus of PrizeRebel. 
  • There is no doubt about the legitimacy of PrizeRebel and it could be trusted when it comes to the rewards. 
  • There are certain sites that do not allow you to cash out more than once during a single week. But it is not the same with PrizeRebel.

What Are The Coins of PrizeRebel?

  • Some users are claiming that PrizeRebel is not what it used to be a few years ago. Some have pointed fingers at the website stating that over the years it has become almost a scam. 
  • According to the responses of certain users, referrals are the only way they could earn some money and the site keeps popping up requests to do so.  
  • Though the site has been there for more than a decade, still it gets complaints about bugs.  Regular users have complained that they have completed some surveys without getting paid for them. 
  • As a survey taker, either you qualify for the survey jobs or not. According to the collective experience of some takers, they were qualified to take about 90% of the surveys available as a beginner. But after they withdraw the first payment, the rejection rate has gone high up to 90%.
  • Because of the negative experiences the users have faced, some have opted to deactivate their accounts and leave the site. But adding much to their displeasure, PrizeRebel has refused to remove their accounts. 
  • There are some people who appreciate PrizeRebel for their in-site performances but criticize the payment methods available. Their problem is not with PayPal or the gift cards, but they want some additional payment methods.  


After going through the entire analysis, it is clear that PrizeRebel is a legitimate and reliable website with its own share of issues. These issues seem to have affected the company’s reputation to a certain extent during the last few years. But many people have appreciated the survey provider for its services during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. 

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