What is Branded Surveys?

In 2012, a team of entrepreneurs in San Diego founded Branded. It is currently led by Matt Gaffney who also happens to be a co-founder of the company as well. They have a widespread community across the globe and they conduct surveys to capture the attitudes and the emotions of a consumer. This company provides various survey jobs to satisfy user’s. Using the results from the surveys they generate a 360 view of the customer and it complements the big data. 

Survey Jobs 

Survey jobs are an awesome way earn some online money just by voicing your opinions. The market research companies are always searching for people to gather data from as that is the key input for the survey jobs. Usually the big companies have survey takers all across the world and they rely on those opinions. A survey might take about 10 minutes for you to complete. More the surveys you complete daily more points you will gather. Normally you can redeem these gift cards to cash or gift cards. 

Pros of the Survey Jobs by Branded

  • Daily Poll Option. Other than the surveys, Branded will allow their users to earn money through the “Daily Polls. “ There are just one or 2 questions available in this pol and you can earn money simply by answering them. If you complete 10 Daily Polls in a row, your account will be added with some bonus points as well. 
  • Fun and interesting surveys. The people who look online surveys from Branded.com have appreciated the website stating that the surveys are fun and interesting. 
  • So many surveys available. A huge drawback of many websites is the unavailability of sufficient surveys to complete. But, the survey takers from Branded hardly have complained about lack of surveys. 
  • Variety of Surveys available. If the surveys you get to fill belong to the same niche it could get boring. As per the survey takers of Branded, you will have to take part in variety of surveys if you get registered with them.  
  • Easy to sign up. If the registration itself takes lot of time, it would be inconvenient for the users. Branded.com is recognized for their effortless sign up process. 

Cons of Survey Jobs by Branded. 

  • Getting bounced back at the midway of completing a survey. This has been a major complaint by most of the frequent users of Branded. According to them, after they click on a survey and start completing it, suddenly a message pops of claiming that “you don’t meet the requirements” no longer allowing them to access the survey. This could be frustrating. 
  • Redeeming is possible only after you earn 100 points. Branded is legitimate and genuine with their payments. They have their own procedure of rewarding points. But, you can’t redeem unless you don’t have 1000 points in your account. Yes, this is true. After completing more than half of the survey, suddenly the screen has shown a message stating that “you don’t qualify to take this survey”.  This is one such incident where the survey takers have found it inconvenient to deal with online surveys. 
  • Poorly Paid. Having a lot of surveys is a plus, but the users have complained that that although there are plenty of surveys, most of them are poorly paid. 
  • Surveys getting full immediately. There is a certain number of opinion providers needed. Some of the surveys get filled up as soon as they are published. 
  • Many surveys that most of the people do not qualify to take.  Most of the surveys in Branded are limited. Because of this reason, not everyone have the access to all. This has left many users from all across the world disappointed. 

Concluding Branded Surveys job it is a legitimate online and mobile surveys website and it’s not a scam. The company tries to be socially active with their member through different platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However members from various countries might receive different number of surveys to fill in.

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