The recent COVID 19 pandemic has brought the entire world to its knees by forcing everyone to stay at home due to global threats resulting from the outbreak. The government has to take proactive measures in other to save lives and limit the spread of the disease. This has resulted in so many businesses and organizations folding up and laying off their staff because they couldn’t afford to pay their salaries. It was estimated that about 400 million jobs were lost globally as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Freelance jobs could partially solve this problem.

However, despite so many losses of jobs, there has been a serious change in how companies and organizations work. This creates a great opportunity for those willing to seize it. Companies now prefer to work remotely which prompts them to employ freelancers instead of employing them for full-time positions. Most roles include technical positions such as big data applications, statistical analysis, software development, writing, digital marketing, and graphics.

The fact that companies still need to work amidst the global pandemic has created opportunities for freelancers around the world, including those from underdeveloped nations. Companies now prefer to employ freelancers remotely to complete a specific task in other to limit the spread of coronavirus while at the same time ensuring that they complete the task at hand.

The accelerated rise in the Demand For Freelancer

From the intuit report 2020, it was revealed that about 40 percent of the total workforce of the U.S are freelancers, tempt workers, and contractors. Upwork reported that 45 percent of hiring managers would seize from hiring full-time workers, while 39 percent forecast the continuous relief of workers from their job places due to the pandemic situation. However, about 73 percent of hiring managers plan to hire freelancers for projects and are considering to continue hiring freelancers for every project.

Why Consider Freelance Jobs?

Working remotely is now the way forward for companies willing to survive this current global challenge. Here are some reasons why it is considered the best option for both companies and freelancers.

Cost Savings: The current situation has affected the income of most companies. They are looking for ways to reduce costs by all means. Hiring remote workers would help them save the cost of office space and also reduce the cost of completing projects. They can find talents willing to complete their jobs at a cheaper rate.

Flexibility: Freelancers can enjoy the privilege of defining their work hours. This gives them more flexibility in their job which gives them more convenience to work remotely at their convenient time, especially talented freelancers.

Freelancer Skills That are In-demand

Some freelancer skills and roles are in high demand as the global pandemic continues. Below is some job niche that is in high demand:

  • Mobile and App Development
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Science
  • Writing
  • Digital marketing
  • Graphics 

The spread of covid 19 diseases has forced the job market to go remotely. The businesses and employees have to adapt to stay out of recession. This has given freelancers a massive leap in their businesses to continue to grow in a much faster way than expected.

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