What are the top 8 jobs for big data?
Big data has started to affect businesses and the global economy in a big way. BLS is predicting that big data-related jobs are going to increase by 12% by 2028.  Companies are going to need highly skilled professionals to take over these jobs. As the experts for big data-related jobs are hard to find, the […]


August 10, 2021



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Big data has started to affect businesses and the global economy in a big way. BLS is predicting that big data-related jobs are going to increase by 12% by 2028.  Companies are going to need highly skilled professionals to take over these jobs. As the experts for big data-related jobs are hard to find, the companies will offer attractive packages to the best candidates. In this article, let me point out the top 6 jobs for big data.

Where Can You Find Jos for Big Data?

The demand for labor has risen considerably in recent years as a result of the rapid proliferation of big data applications. According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Report, there is a significant shortage of data scientists nationwide and in major cities: “Nationally, we have a shortage of 151,717 people with data science skills, with particularly acute shortages in New York City (34,032 people), the San Francisco Bay Area (31,798 people), and Los Angeles (12,251 people). Let’s take a look at the top 8 jobs for big data.

1. Big Data Engineer

Their role is somewhat similar to that of a data analyst. They are entrusted with processing the bulks of data and generating insights. Then, the companies can use this data and develop strategies for their businesses. Other than this major task, they have to identify, retrieve and make reports on the data of a business, and for the same, they will have to go through multiple sources. 

It is an advantage to know about computer hardware and software as some companies might want them to maintain these.

2. Data Warehouse Manager

This is also among the in-demand big data-related jobs. What they have to do is simple yet critical. Data Warehouse Managers have to safely store and analyze the data in facilities. They have to use the performance data and the metrics in evaluating data. On certain occasions, they might well have to work towards mitigating the risks to data storage and transferring them. 

3. Database Manager

If there is any issue in the databases, the database managers are trusted with identifying them and rectifying them for ensuring a hassle-free workflow. They are expected to give their inputs in the design and the implementation of storage hardware.

Usually, they are working closely with the database developers and act as trainers to the newly-recruited staff. 

4. Database Developer

Analyzing the existing databases of an organization is their major task. Also, they have to make sure it runs smoothly, make the necessary modifications, and get rid of unnecessary coding embedded in it.

They need to be good team players as often, we will have to work with the rest of the development team. Candidates who are experienced in, development of databases, data analysis, and testing are considered for this job. 

5. Data Analysts

For all industries ranging from healthcare, real estate, retail, fintech, etc, data analysts are crucial. Analyzing the data available and providing the higher management with the insights is their primary task. They have to develop their systems so that they could get accurate insights.

6. Database Admin

When a database is constantly accessed and the traffic is very high, it might tend to get damaged. It is the database admins who have to monitor the database performance and optimize it as required. 

They have a task to play in data security and for that, the database admins will have to cooperate with the IT security staff of an organization. For this role, experienced individuals with good knowledge of databases are considered.

7. Data Scientist

According to PayScale, experienced information technology (IT) data scientists capable of mining and understanding complicated data for large organizations have plenty of chances. They aggregate and generate various models of statistical data in collaboration with cross-functional IT teams to inform the formulation of system-related suggestions and action plans.

8. Security Engineer

IT catastrophe planning, aversion, and mitigation requires the expertise of security engineers. By installing computer firewalls, detecting and responding to attacks, and forensically pinpointing system security vulnerabilities, they reduce company risk exposure. They also develop and implement test strategies for new or updated software and hardware, as well as multi-layered computer network defense methods.


This is a fast-growing area and would flourish in the upcoming years. Thus, it will generate thousands of data-related jobs for you. It is strongly recommended to collect the knowledge and skills required as most of these jobs will pay you exceeding 100,000 USD per month. 

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