Are You a Student Looking For a Flexible Job?
Student life is not always easy. Most of the time, the two major reasons for that are an extremely tight schedule and the high costs of student life. Under reason number 1, you wake up early and sleep late trying to catch up with lessons, tutorials, studying, and your other extra-curricular and personal commitments. This […]


September 6, 2019



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Student life is not always easy. Most of the time, the two major reasons for that are an extremely tight schedule and the high costs of student life. Under reason number 1, you wake up early and sleep late trying to catch up with lessons, tutorials, studying, and your other extra-curricular and personal commitments. This routine tends to get even tighter during tests and examination periods. For reason number 2, many things about being a student tend to cost a lot without even considering when you are looking to maybe have some weekend fun on your same short budget. One way to earn extra money is to find a flexible job.

For a little more budgetary liberty, most people tend to try and squeeze in a student job or two into their schedules. However, for some, their student schedules are just too tight that throwing in a job in a bid to make a little more money will just be too much going on at once for them. So what can a student in this position do?

If you are a student in need of some extra cash but operating on a super tight schedule, the way for you to go to earn extra money is to take on a flexible job. The jobs that offer the most flexibility are freelancing jobs. Freelancers have more flexibility to fit the job in their schedule. You can work on weekdays or weekends and you can even work with your hobby. If you are a sports fan, we have good news for you!

As a freelancer, you get the most flexibility from the job that you do so that it is easy to make time for it even under your busy schedule. Most freelancing jobs are remote gigs, so freelancers can work anywhere and at any time. You can work on weekdays or weekends, in the comfort of your dorm, or even on the go. The array of flexible freelancing jobs available today is such that you may even be able to make money from your hobby!

Check out this list of top 10 freelance flexible jobs for students to see if you can start easily making money from your passion today.

Top 10 Freelance Flexible Jobs for Students


1. Content Writer

While some content writer roles may require a college degree, many freelance content writers do not have one! This is because many of them are students too looking for some extra cash just like you, and they are working in flexible jobs as content writers with no degree requirements. To get a freelance job as a content writer today, the majority of what you have to do is to demonstrate outstanding content writing skills and you are gold in the industry.

Content writing can be a very lucrative career depending on the niche that you choose. Some of the most lucrative niches today include finance, Cryptocurrency, travel, digital marketing, and education. So if creative writing is your passion and expertise, you can start making money today by writing for companies, brands, and blogs.

2. Content Editor

Some editing roles also require a college degree and years of experience. Nonetheless, there are content editor roles today that are looking for fresh minds that have not been “influenced” by working for other brands and businesses, who also have excellent writing and editing abilities and whose freshness will bring about originality in the content curated for the brand’s website or blog.

Your job as a content editor is to research, proofread, and publish online content that will drive user engagement towards the brand that you work for. This is a very flexible role because you can work remotely, anywhere and at any time you please.

3. Graphic Designer

If you are a creative who is passionate about taking on a variety of art and design projects, graphic design might be a flexible and suitable job for you. The job description of graphic design usually revolves around developing product concepts, arranging illustrative materials, as well as visualizing and creating graphics. By working independently as a freelance graphic designer, you will have the flexibility to schedule and charge clients on your terms.

4. Quantitative Market Researcher

A quantitative market researcher helps brands gather information from the retail field on inventory, pricing, promotions, and foot traffic. This
might require a little bit of skill because you will work a lot with statistics and percentages to deliver research reports and analytical opinions that will influence numerous business decisions. If you possess the requisite skills, this is a flexible job that you can easily do in your spare time to earn a little spare cash.

5. Sports Data Journalist

Are you an avid sports fan? Then great news! You can turn your hobby into a well-paying stream of income and a highly flexible job at that by working as a sports data journalist. The job requires sports knowledge (which you easily have as a fan), fast thinking, accuracy, and dedication. In the sports world today where most games and matches are streamed online, you can easily do this job remotely which is what makes it so flexible.

Working as a sports data journalist is fun and exciting, but it is also a role full of responsibility. The job requires sports knowledge, accuracy, fast-thinking, and dedication. Sports data journalists are responsible for transmitting live data via mobile devices or notebooks to the servers in real-time. For that, the sports data journalist must be aware of the match all the time, pay attention to every detail and report everything to the serves as fast as possible. The coverage is done from the sports venues, which are usually close to where the sports data journalist lives or within a reach of around 100 km. Interested? Don’t wait and apply!

The sports data journalists are paid for every game they cover. The more matches you cover, the more money you get. As a student, you can choose games that don’t conflict with your exam week and cover more matches when the stressful period is over. You choose the way that suits you the best! Check stories of sports data journalists.

6. Social Media Manager

As a result of the popularity and heightened influence of social media, almost every business needs a social media manager to help manage and expand its online presence. As a social media manager, your responsibilities include running social media campaigns, analyzing key metrics to improve the performances of the business’ posts, and creating relevant and engaging content to promote a business. Many social media managers today work as freelancers, making it a flexible job that you can do stress-free and on your own time.

7. Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadorship involves you stepping in as the “face” of the brand. It falls under the social media range of jobs because you will also have to create content for a brand’s social media accounts that will introduce new customers to the products and services of the brand, answer any questions they may have, and spur your followers to make a purchase from the brand. It is a good and easy source of income for a student, especially if you have an ample social media following to get you started.

8. Tutor or Teaching Assistant

Here’s one for the A students. In the job of a tutor or teaching assistant, you share your educational knowledge by either becoming a private tutor or providing supplementary teaching to other students like you in a particular subject area. You may choose to do this remotely or in person, depending on whichever you find more convenient. Tutoring offers a decent income and is completely flexible because you get to choose when you want to teach and for how many hours. There is also the added benefit of the fact that teaching helps you to further develop your knowledge as well as your communication and managerial skills.

9. Mystery Shopper

Did you know that you can get paid to shop? Not just to shop but you can also get paid to eat in restaurants. All you have to do is sign up to be a mystery shopper! This job involves going into a store and asking for a particular item and then reporting back about your experience as a customer. You are given a budget for the items you buy in addition to payment for each job you agree to do, and it is completely up to you how much you work. Note that your income will vary depending on the company you sign up with.

10. Virtual Assistant

As the name suggests, a virtual assistant is a person who provides virtual administrative services to businesses from a remote location. With e-commerce businesses on the rise, virtual assistants are needed to help these businesses expand and grow sustainably. Typically, a virtual assistant’s job duty can range anywhere from making phone calls, managing email accounts, or handling customer service. Most importantly, it is virtual, so it is a job that offers you a good level of flexibility as you work.

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