Student life is not always easy. You wake up early and sleep late trying to catch up with lessons and classes. You study hard for exams and try to have fun with your short budget on the weekends. You wonder if you can squeeze a student job in your schedule, but it seems too much going on at the same time. One way out to earn extra money is freelance jobs.

Freelancers have more flexibility to fit the job in their schedule. You can work in the week days or weekends and you can even work with your hobby. If you are a sports fan, we have good news for you!

Have you ever thought about working as sports data journalist?

Many people are crazy for sports and a huge part of them dreams of working within the area. If once upon a time you dreamt about becoming a footballer or a tennis player but you grew up and became an University student but kept the passion for sports, now you can become a sports data journalist!

Working as a sports date journalist is fun and exciting, but it is also a role full of responsibility. The job requires sports knowledge, accuracy, fast thinking and dedication. Sports data journalists are responsible for transmitting live data via mobile devices or notebooks to the servers in real-time. For that, the sports data journalist must be aware of the match all the time, pay attention to every detail and report everything to the serves as fast as possible. The coverage is done from the sports venues, which are usually close to where the sports data journalist lives or within a reach of around 100 km. The freelancers can also cover a match when they are traveling, combining the best of the two worlds!

The sports data journalists are paid for every game they cover. The more matches you cover, more money you get. As a student, you can choose games that don’t conflict with you exam week and cover more matches when the stressful period is over. You choose the way that suits you the best!

Have you thought about becoming a sports data journalist?

You are curious about the job, but not exactly sure about the exact responsibilities of a sports data journalist? Read along and you will find out. Working as a sports data journalist is a fun, rewarding, but also an intense and responsible job. Sports data journalists are responsible for transmitting live data via mobile devices to the servers in real-time. It is all about speed and accuracy, and also requires you to fully commit and pay attention to the game at all times. Sports data journalists are responsible for transmitting live data from the sports venue through the special iOS and Android mobile apps or through the laptop interface, depending on the type of coverage. The games sports data journalists usually cover are usually close to where they live or within a radius of about 100 km. Interested? Check available countries to become a sports data journalist and apply.