Are you clueless about which data jobs you should do as a freelancer?

Today’s job market requires you to be skilled in IT skills, this will give you a chance to land your dream job. The president at technology staffing firm Instant Alliance, Mirjana Schultz at says: “When you can demonstrate the ability to analyze data and make informed recommendations to your employer, you become an indispensable part of your team no matter what type of work you’re doing”. In this article, we would look into some of the data related jobs you can do as a freelancer.

Data skills are so in-demand, they’re becoming increasingly useful in several fields—not just technology and finance. Marketing, human resources, sales, and customer service are just a few areas where your expertise can make a big difference to your job performance. Several data-related skills are growing increasingly popular every day, and the demand for experts also keeps rising. So, if you consider yourself skilled enough in any of these skills, you can work and earn full income from the comfort of your home. The tools you need to get started are only a laptop and an internet connection.

Web Analytics

Web analytics simply deals with the collection of online data and making use of it to better understand customers and their needs. Example of these includes Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Kissmetrics; which helps businesses to gather data of web traffic and further analyze the data for better decision making.

Data Visualization

Data visualization helps companies and businesses transform data into visuals and format which can be easily understandable during the presentation. Schultz says: “When done well, data visualization tells a story. By turning findings into graphs and charts, you make information more digestible”. Visual storytelling skills allows employees to make presentations persuasively to clients, says Laurence Bradford.
For example, a salesperson can create a line graph that shows how sales from their business or company have improved over the past weeks, months, or years. Data visualization skills can be used to create an infographic resume to illustrate accomplishments and achievements. The basics can be learned with a free Introduction to Data Visualization course.

Customer Analytics

Similar to web analytics, performing customer analysis help companies to study the behaviors of customers and organize data. In various industries, it is used to improve performance, maximize customer satisfaction, and for carrying out marketing campaigns.
Learning these skills helps to interpret and analyze data, which could increase the company’s value and boost its performance.

Microsoft Excel

Worth mentioning is Microsoft Excel which is a key skill for getting a decent income according to Burning Glass Technologies.
Schultz says: “For entry-level workers, Excel is one of the most user-friendly tools on the market”. Excel makes it easy for companies to record and analyze large volumes of data. Some companies make use of Microsoft Excel in tracking their expenses and sales performance.

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