about us

Long story short

DoScouting is a recruitment agency that is searching, selecting, preparing and providing data journalists to one of the leading sports information companies in the world. We are working on a global level and we always have open vacancies. DoScouting has been founded in 2016, Denmark. Since then we were expanding to different countries, continents. Currently, we have data journalists that are working in Denmark, Sweden, England, Ireland, Austria, France, Poland, Australia, Serbia, Macedonia, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Argentina, USA and etc. 

Our employees are trained to become data journalists (for soccer, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, handball, volleyball, baseball, American football). Their daily duties are to provide the most comprehensive, reliable and quickest live data service for a broad range of sports. All matches are covered straight from sports venues which allows our customers to analyze and trade during almost any major live sports event in the world. Data journalist covers from 10 to 20 matches a month and he attends such leagues like NBA, NHL, MBL, Champions League or Euroleague.

Joining us is easy. You just need to fill out the application form, and we will be in touch with you shortly. If you will be selected to join our team, you will have to go through the training process and only after you will have to go to different sports matches, watch them and collect statistical data.

Testimonials of our current data journalists

What’s the secret to this job? If you are 100% relaxed and focused on the pitch, you won’t have any problems. Now I work and enjoy the football! Today, after 8 months, I must say that I am very happy having this job and they really meant it, when they said ‘Dream Job’. Watch football and get paid for it? Man, that really is a dream!

Daniel, Macedonia

“I was very very happy and thankful for all the help I received from my great supervisor. I have now covered several matches and enjoy the job more than I ever expected. I am looking forward to working as a sports scout in the future and to finish the training tutorials for handball, basketball, and volleyball as well.”

Jacob, Austria

I thought I knew everything about covering a live sports match, but I have learned that I need to practice more and more in order to be able to cover a match without any mistakes. Finally, I have passed my training and now I’m part of DoScouting scouts team which I’m very happy about. After my first game, I can’t wait until I have another one.

Mikolaj, Poland

“Generally, working as a data journalist saved me. It also allowed me to travel around the world. Now I’m back to Australia and for the past 2 months, I have had work. I feel financially safe. So, considering all the benefits scouting has offered me, I think that taking on a long journey to become the data journalist was definitely worth it.

Asror, Australia

If you are passionate about sports, this is a right option for you. You can choose among the dozens of sports and start with the training, which you’ll pass after some time if you are determined. Once you are confirmed as a data journalist you can apply for available matches in your country and attend stadiums and venues near you and get paid for it.

Nenad, Serbia